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《Personal Information Collection Statement》(PICS)

This personal information collection statement (this "statement") was created by Whats Good Music Awards Limited ("Whats Good", "Whats Good Music", "Whats Good Music Awards", "The Awards", "Company", "us" or  "Our company's") is formulated and applied to us and you ("you" or "your").  This statement shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the relevant mobile application (if any) ("application") and our website ("website") that we operate, or host or provide our services, and The conditions (if any) ("Terms and Conditions") are interpreted together, but if there is any inconsistency between this statement and the terms and conditions of personal data, this statement shall prevail.

Whats Good Music Awards is a wholly-owned and fully managed by Whats Good Music Awards Limited, which included (if any) online informative platform, membership platform, online participation and nomination platform, online voting and scoring platform, and online sales and shopping platforms, online ticketing and ticketing platforms, online paid streaming and broadcasting platforms, any associated and / or joint venture platforms or companies that have an interest in Whats Good Music Awards Limited from time to time (Whats Good Music Awards and  Joint venture companies are collectively referred to as "affiliated companies").


In order for the company to achieve its purpose (see below), you must provide all required / specified personal information during the ticket purchase, registration, nomination, ticket purchase or shopping process.  If you do not provide the required personal information, we may not be able to achieve the purpose and/or provide you with goods or services.

Collect personal data
The company may from time to time invite you to provide your personal information for different purposes.  If you are under the age of 18, you should obtain the consent of your parent or guardian before you provide your personal information to the company.


Personal data type
The types of personal information we may collect from you included your name, title, gender, date of birth, preferences and interests, user name and password, contact information such as phone number, mailing, residential / correspondence address, email address, company name, IP address, geographic location, social media account information, your credit card or other payment methods and billing information, including name, card number, mailing billing address, expiration date, verification code and other payment information, and others The required information such as "real-name authentication", or provide part of your ID number (if necessary) to confirm the identity of registered voters and related rights and responsibilities for the awards voting.

Purpose of using personal data
We (and / or our affiliates and/or our marketing partners (as defined in the "Direct Marketing" section below), if applicable) will use and retain the personal data collected from you for the following  Purpose (may apply from time to time) (collectively referred to as "purpose"):

* To process your ticket purchases and ticket reservations, awards nomination and application, awards voting and scoring, or transaction with the company, and compile your transaction and / or registration records;
* Identify and verify your identity and/or membership, awards nominators / awards candidates / judging qualifications of various judging panels;
* Register you as a user of;
* Follow up and reply to your award nominations, award entries, inquiries and opinions, and contact you when necessary;
* Process your membership newsletter subscriptions, save subscription records, and send you membership newsletters and other direct marketing information;
* When using apps / websites, in order to provide better services and/or save your personal data and/or information on multiple pages within / between one or more pages;
* After registering as a user, read your account information and manage your account (including but not limited to changing your password, updating your personal information, subscribing / unsubscribing to direct promotions, etc.);
* Research, development and analysis related to your/customer’s behavior, including data sorting and analysis to enable us to further understand your characteristics and transaction behavior, so that we can provide other personalized services according to your needs and help us do  You select marketing topics that may be of interest to you (see below), and conduct behavioral analysis integration, including the use of personal data for statistical analysis, data science research and data exploration;
* You can make inquiries, complaints and / or suggestions to the company regarding the purpose and / or goods and services (included but not limited to through the in-app message on the mobile device or through the company’s official social media page and / or the company’s  Official website, or via SMS, email and / or mail, and / or other media that already exists or may appear in the future);
* Obtain feedback related to the purpose and/or goods and services through surveys and other methods (including but not limited to through the in-app message on the mobile device or through the company’s official social media page and / or the company’s official website, or Via SMS, email and / or mail, and / or other media that already exists or may appear in the future);
* Improve the application / website, purpose, and products and services of our company, our company's affiliates and our company's marketing partners;
* After consent, direct promotion and cross-promotion will be carried out on the marketing subject (see the section titled "Direct Promotion" below);
* Data analysis, research, information management and database management;
* Prevent, detect, investigate and/or prevent activities that may violate or may be suspected of violating our company's policies or may involve abuse, illegal and / or criminal behaviours;
* To collect or recover any debts you owe the company or its affiliates;
* The normal management, operation and maintenance of the application / website and the provision of goods and services to you;
* (By one or more affiliates (included the company) or the company’s marketing partners) store your personal data in order to share it with the company’s affiliates and / or the company’s marketing partners for use  For any and all other purposes mentioned above; and / or
* Other auxiliary purposes or related purposes of the above-mentioned purposes.

Third parties with whom we share personal information


Unless you agree to authorize, we will not use your personal data for direct marketing purposes.  Even if you agree, you can opt out of direct marketing at any time; please send an email to to ask us about your wishes and stop any service at any time.


Data accuracy
You may be required to provide specific personal information (especially your contact information) to Whats Good Music Awards to enjoy certain services.  If you fail to provide or update accurate and relevant personal information as required, our provision of these services may be affected.

Outsourcing arrangements
The internal information technology system of is developed and maintained by our staff and overseas third-party service providers. The third-party service provider cannot read any personal data stored in the information technology system.  An exception is when system problem detection is performed under the supervision of an employee.  Our website and payment system (if necessary) are developed and maintained by overseas third-party service providers.  All service providers of the company are bound by contracts and must keep any information they come in contact with confidential to protect the information from unauthorized access, use and retention.

Your rights
You have the right to:


* Check whether we hold any personal data about you;
* Check your personal data held by us;
* Ask us to correct any inaccurate personal data;
* Determine our policies and practices regarding personal data and the types of personal data we hold from time to time.


If you want to make a request (or make any general inquiries) on the above matters, please send an email to (marked as confidential).  According to the Cap. 486 Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong SAR, we have the right to charge you a reasonable fee for processing any personal data access request.

Cancel account
If you want to cancel your account, you can contact our customer service at and indicate "Cancel Account", and we will process your request immediately.  According to the law, we will cancel your registered account and remove your personal data within 14 working days after receiving your written request.  Please make sure that all relevant applications / awards nomination / awards voting procedures / awards selection procedures / awards scoring procedures / any online transactions in the account have been completed before sending the account cancellation request. Once the account is cancelled, we will not be able to handle or reply to any inquiries and disputes related to the above matters to notify you.

Privacy Policy Statement
About the company's privacy policy statement:


* The company's collection and / or use of log files (data related to your use / visiting of the company's website and / or related mobile applications, including but not limited to your IP address, domain name, browser type and access time)  The relevant information is only used for the internal use of your authorized part;
* The use of cookies and other tracking mechanisms is only used for the applications and services you request;
* We will strictly manage and protect your personal data in third-party merchants and/or websites that you may include on our company's website and / or related mobile applications and protect the security of your personal data;
* We will implement all the provisions in the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Change of control
If the ownership of Whats Good Music Awards changes, we may need to transfer your personal information to our new owner so that the new owner can continue to operate the business.  However, the new owner must use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy statement.  You will be notified of the data transfer and can choose to withdraw your consent to the use of personal data.


Regulations related to persons in the European Union
If you are in the European Union, you have a number of other legal rights to the personal data we hold about you, including:


The right to obtain certain information
You have the right to know how we process your personal data, including: the purpose of processing the data, the type of personal data processed, the recipient of your personal data, the length of time we need to keep your personal data or the criteria for determining the length of retention, The source of the information collected not directly by you, the security measures we use to ensure the transmission of cross-regional data, and whether we use automated decision-making.


Right to obtain a copy (right to data portability)
You have the right to obtain any copy of your personal data processed by us, and its format is commonly used and machine-readable. This right extends to when technically feasible, you can request us to transfer your personal data to another data controller. Please note that under certain circumstances we have the right to refuse requests for copies of personal data.


Right to delete
Under certain circumstances (including for the purposes for which we collect your personal data, the relevant personal data is no longer necessary, or you withdraw your consent), you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data.

Right to restrict data processing
Under certain circumstances (including when you question the accuracy of such information), you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.
Right to object to data processing
Under certain circumstances (that is, for direct marketing purposes or statistical purposes), you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

Right to withdraw consent
You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the legality of any processing we have performed before you withdraw your consent.

The right to complain / lodge an appeal
If you believe that we have infringed/infringed on any of your rights, you have the right to lodge a complaint/appeal to the relevant data protection agency.

The right to be free from automated decision-making
You have the right to not be subject to automated decision-making regarding your personal data.  We confirm that we are not using automated decision making.

Right to be notified of data breach
You have the right to be notified in the event of a personal data leakage incident that may pose a high risk to your rights.

If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the Chinese and English versions of this statement, the Chinese version shall prevail.

This statement may be updated from time to time to reflect our policy changes in response to changes in personal data protection and / or personal data / data privacy laws and regulations. If there is a major change, we will notify you and obtain your permission for the change, consent, and / or choice (when necessary or applicable).  If you do not accept the change and/or provide your permission, then we may not be able to perform the purpose and/or provide you with goods and services.  We recommend that you check the app/website regularly for updated versions of this statement.

Nothing in this statement restricts your rights under the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" of Hong Kong law.

This statement is bound by the laws of Hong Kong SAR and is interpreted in accordance with it. The most recent updated date is October 10, 2021.

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