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Whats Good Music Awards 2022 (The First) All Awards
(Singer Awards / Song Awards / Production Awards / Special Awards) 


1. Artist of the Year

2. Rising Star of the Year

3. Best Male Artist

4. Best Female Artist

5. Best Hip Hop Group

6. Young Blood

7. Best Live Performer

8. Most Popular Hip Hop Artist

9. Most Popular Hip Hop Group

10. Best Hip Hop Artist by KKBOX

11. Best Hip Hop Artist by HYPEBEAST

12. Best Hip Hop Artist by HipHop DX ASIA


13. Album of the Year

14. Song of the Year

15. Impact Song of the Year

16. Best Lyrical Song (Gold/Sliver/Bronze

17. Best Trap Song (Gold/Sliver/Bronze)

18. Best R&B Song (Gold/Sliver/Bronze)

19. Best Alternative Song (Gold/Sliver/Bronze)

20. Best Song in Foreign Language (Gold/Sliver/Bronze)

21. Best Collaboration Song

22. Most Popular Hip Hop Song


23. Best Producer

24. Best Single Producer

25. Best MV Director

26. Best MV

27. Best Cover Art


28. Hall of Fame

29. Music Label of the Year

30. Best Asia Flow by LiFTED

31. Most Popular Hip Hop Platform

32. Most Popular Hip Hop Club

33. Best Hip Hop DJ

34. Respected Cantopop Artist

35. Respected Cantopop Song

36. Goddess by Hip Hop Artists

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